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4 Best Mobile Phone Amplifier Apps

by Arpita
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Jamming to your favorite music is definitely one of the top things to do when you are with your friends. Nothing can match the feeling of dancing to your favorite music with your favorite people. This has become so much easier with the help of mobile phone amplifier apps. Let us take a look at some of these apps.


This is one of the simpler mobile phone audio apps that help you boost the sound of your audio and also improve the quality. The best thing about this app is that its interface is quite simple and easy to work with. The app comes with three presets that help in boosting your audio. Even though the percentage levels in various customizations are restricted this app is worth downloading.


This mobile phone amplifier app has multiple advantages like improving the quality of music on earphones and also amplifying the overall audio system of the device. This app is available for iOS platform. You need to pay for the subscriptions that cost about $23.99 for a year which is the main drawback of this app.


This mobile phone audio app is very light and takes only up to 2.5 MB of your memory space. There are a lot of features in this one. The audio amplification when you play music is very good and the boosting capabilities are quite strong in this app.


This app helps you boost the bass of your audio as the name suggests which can be very useful while listening to music. The presets available on this app are quite interesting and the customization function is also an added advantage. You can even create ringtones from available audio by means of this app


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