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4 Best Mobile Phone CCTV Apps

by Arpita

Smartphones can be used for a lot of things. When you prioritize various things in life, safety and security of your home and family is definitely going to be on the top of the list. There are various types of mobile phone apps that help you monitor your CCTV activities. Here are some of the best mobile phone CCTV apps.


This app is used as an IP camera app that helps its users to have access to security cameras within the same LAN and also helps in remote observations. There are various options involved for various cameras that are linked with the app that can be customized based on your requirements.


This is one of the famous mobile phone CCTV apps that helps you keep track of your surveillance system and keep your home protected. It also enables snapshot feature and PTZ control. You can also access preset point assistance based on your cameras. It supports chat, audio, playback and many other features.


gCMOB belongs to the types of mobile phone apps that help you monitor your CCTV systems remotely. This app has received a lot of positive feedback because of its ease of usage and reliability. You have various options like playback, live preview, and alarm manager and so on that makes this app better than most mobile phone CCTV apps


This app is definitely the favorite of many users and tech authors which is evident from the type of feedback that this app has gotten since its release. The app does not take a huge amount of your space yet functions efficiently. You can monitor one or many DVRs that are linked with the app separately or simultaneously using quad monitors. Remote access and playback are also enabled.


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