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4 Best Mobile Phone Data Recovery Apps

by Nitin Sinha
Data Recovery Apps

There is always a way to retrieve erased digital data. One can always find a way to retrieve deleted data on a digital platform for various reasons. Mobile phone data recovery apps on android platforms as well as iPhone mobile apps for data recovery can be used for the same process. Some of the best rated data recovery apps are as follows.



This app can be used for a variety of recovery types. The features of this mobile phone app are extremely functional and powerful. This app is free and does not require rooting f your device. The interface is also user-friendly, which is an added advantage.



This app is mainly focused on retrieving your deleted photos. It acts like a real-time recycle bin in your phone that creates backups of deleted images which can be later retrieved. The app is very compact and user-friendly.



This mobile phone data recovery app is also available for free on the play store. The features of this app are quite impressive especially this one feature called “deep scan” is used for increasing the chances of recovering specific data even though you will get slightly distorted versions of the original data. People who have more experience can explore the   advanced options of the app.



This app is available on both android and iOS platforms. The compatibility of this tool is very high and it is super-functional as well. The root access can be turned on by means of this app. Dr Fone is definitely one of the top iPhone mobile apps for data recovery. There are different modes of scanning for internal memory as well as card memory in this app which will increase the efficiency of your search. You can also sort the retrieved data according to your requirements.



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