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4 Best Mobile Phone Dress Up Games

by Nitin Sinha
Mobile Phone Dress Up Games

A good crossover of fashion meets social media comes out in the face of mobile phone dress up games. Many cellphone users are aware of video games available online on the phones but not everyone knows about the presence of dress-up mobile phone video games. Let us look at the best 4 mobile phone dress up games available on the app downloads on your android:

1. Covet fashion
Covet fashion is a video game app that is becoming very popular in all nations with game users. The apps allow the user to play around with fashion accessories and clothing on model actors on the videos. This app is also used by fashion design enthusiasts and students a lot to design future dresses according to various body types. The app houses all sorts of fashion items as well.

2. Star Girl
Star girl is one of those mobile phone video games where you get to have an alternate personality. You must go on shopping, buying accessories, meet other fashionista and one can even date other celebrities. The user interface is easy to grasp, and a lot of young women find themselves hooked onto this app. You get to be your own celebrity but you also have the money to buy and dress up as whoever you want – now that’s a game to play.

3. Kim Kardashian Hollywood
Needless to say, it is easy to guess what this game app may be about! You star as KK’s own celebrity fashion assistant and everything she wears is your responsibility. You can try out as many uniforms, dresses, and avatars as you like on her. If you are a Kim Kardashian fan, this is your chance to get up close and personal with her fashion choices.

4. Love Nikki- Dress up queen
A rather complicated name for a fun mobile phone video game. This game is free to download but you can buy in-store features as well. You get to dress up Nikki who is the center of attention in the game. Your wardrobe skills can be flaunted and depending on the level of competition you feel like facing, Nikki can also go to dress up competitions where you can compete with other users and sometimes the app itself. Knock yourselves out!

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