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4 Best Mobile Phone Strategy Games

by Nitin Sinha
Mobile Phone Strategy Games

If you are a video game lover and have an android phone, rejoice, because we bring to you a list of 4 best mobile phone strategy games out in the mobile app market. These game apps regularly feature as top mobile phone games on android tech platforms:

1. Card thief
This is an interesting game that will keep you hooked with its amazing visuals and game plot. The only aim of the gamer is to avoid detection – to be discrete. For that, there are many tools and resources available to the user. The whole fun revolves around using your brain to calculate your next step to not get caught while having fun watching the physical setting of the game where the user moves around.

2. Machines at War 3
This game is seriously addictive and takes an interesting turn at every step as the good guys play against the bad men who are trying to harm a few scientists. Your job as a player is to find where the scientists are and save them. If you feel bored with the settings, there are multiple levels of missions and physical settings you can choose from to switch to.

3. Plague Inc
A strategy game that can be downloaded on your mobile phones, Plague Inc has recently seen a surge of downloads amongst the gamer community. You create a new disease and fight the humans to end their world – multiple diseases, levels and strategies to choose from. It is truly a gamers paradise. No wonder it features heavily on reviews about the top mobile phone games.

4. Greed Corp
Another interesting and one of the best mobile phone strategy games, this game featured first on Xbox and quickly made its way into the android game app world. It mixes interesting machine world visuals with that of the fighting world and creates a game where your tactic and strategy skills will be challenged well.


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