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4 Made In India Smart TVs You Should Consider To Buy

by Arpita
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The smart TV market is playing a very important role in the industry of next-generation entertainment. These devices have completely changed the way we look at televisions and have integrated a whole lot of stuff into the regular televisions we know. Let us take a look at some of the top made in India smart TVs you should consider buying.

SAMY SM32-K5500

This smart TV attracted a lot of attention because of its price. It is presently the cheapest made in India smart TV retailing at just 4,999 INR. It was launched by a company called Samy Informatics. This TV runs on Android and has a 32-inches full HD display. The sound system is also pretty solid with double 10 watts speakers. It has SRS Dolby digital technology for better audio rendition.


 This smart TV by Daiwa is also quite revolutionary. It has a built-in soundbar which is quite great. The device work on android 8 and the display quality of the images are pretty commendable. This made in India smart TV retails for 12,990 INR.


This smart TV from Videocon has a 42 inches display and works on Android. The display is LED with full HD capabilities. It has built-in WiFi as well as VGA connectivity. The screen has crystal clarity and the overall digital experience is great. This is definitely one of the best picks in the smart TV market of India retails for about 29,990 INR.


This smart TV from Daiwa has a huge 49 inches display with a lot of exciting features. There is a 55 inches variant which is also available. The Quantum Luminit display makes your digital experience seamless. This smart TV retails for about 30,999 INR.


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