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4 Mobile Phone Apps You Need For Entertainment

by Nitin Sinha
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Apps You Need For Entertainment

Wondering what mobile phone apps, you need to keep yourself from boredom? There are different mobile phone app types and some of the best ones you need for entertainment are as follows:

1. Spotify
Ever find yourself craving to find music that is different and music that is new and old? Spotify is the right app for all your music entertainment needs in one. It regularly features old/ new artists along with several kinds of offbeat genres that you may never have listened to before. The app also allows you to create your own playlists and mixes that you can save and download.

2. Netflix
Among the most famous apps is the app called Netflix. You can stream all sorts of shows and movies online on this app. You have to pay a small amount of monthly fee to subscribe but for what it’s worth it provides you with endless possibilities for entertainment. No wonder that Netflix constantly is described as one of the best mobile phone apps you need.

3. YouTube
YouTube is perhaps the most famous and older of the new apps that feature entertainment apps on the market. Not only can you see amazing music, movies, video uploads, but YouTube now also allows the user to upload their own videos. You can create your own YouTube channel and upload as many things as you like. It has also become a source of income generation for many celebrities that now call themselves YouTube stars.

4. NYTimes
Among the most popular entertainment apps is NYTimes, that brings you fresh newsfeed at your phone from the world. You can access a wide range of articles just a touch away. You can customize this app to find news and articles about topics that are of interest to you and follow many publishers who regularly post on NYTimes.




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