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4 Most Used Mobile Phone Apps Around The World

by Nitin Sinha
Mobile Phone Apps Around The World

So the mobile phone is close to everyone every time. People get so preoccupied with their phones that they forget what is happening outside of the world. Now, why is this phone so important to us? It’s not only because we want to make a call or what is someone calls us?

It is important to us because of the apps we use when we don’t have any work. We get into the apps and spend hours and hours on it. All these apps which keep us preoccupied can be considered as the best mobile phone apps.

Let’s see some types of mobile phone apps which are used the most in the world.

1. Instagram: This is one app that has tied up almost every generation together. It is a social media app where you can post your memories and also talk to so many people and also they let you see how other people are having fun. People use this app for hours scrolling down on the memes and the pictures.

2. PUBG: This game has set a new trend. The amazing graphics and gameplay have just let the people sit and stick to their phones for ours. There is nothing more addictive than this game played for hours.

3. Uber: This app has changed our way of traveling and has benefitted a lot to people. Now they can go from one place to another easily at any time safely. The prices are super affordable and with all the new features adding on this app day by day. It is certainly one of the best mobile phone apps.

4. Youtube: If you are a music lover and also likes to see and watch people and all the things happening around the world then you would certainly know about this app. The app is used by all the generations and is the best mobile phone app. We can spend hours watching videos on it without knowing the time.



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