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4 Must Have Mobile Phone Call Recording Apps

by Nitin Sinha
Call Recording Apps

Mobile phone applications are changing the way we use mobile phones and making them smarter every day. Call recording is a very important feature that can be very helpful for various purposes. Below are listed several mobile phone call recording apps that are ruling the market.



This app is very light and user-friendly. There are so many desirable features in this app such as automatically deleting very old recorded calls, protection by means of password and so on which makes it one of the best yet simple mobile phone recording apps.


We all know Truecaller as the caller identification app and it has been widely used by people for many purposes. This app is extremely functional and has a ton of amazing features. The call recording feature that rolled out on this app has been pretty great and the functions are seamless. The one disadvantage about this app is that even though this app is free, the recording feature belongs with the premium subscription for which you have to pay.


This app is one of the most simple and straight forward mobile phone recording apps available on the play store. It does not occupy much space and has an in-built audio player that is incorporated within the app itself which is quite commendable for such a light app. This app is the one for you if you are looking for something simple and without a ton of distracting features.


This app also comes under the list of mobile phone call recording apps that are extremely simple and seamless yet this one has a lot of interesting features making it more functional than its other simple counterparts. There are many options available on the platform which will help you choose to enable or disable recording for different types of calls.




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