Home Apps While Government Imposes Ban on WeTransfer, Here are Top 5 alternatives Which are Not Chinese.

While Government Imposes Ban on WeTransfer, Here are Top 5 alternatives Which are Not Chinese.

by Aditi Singh
Alternatives of WeTransfer

The Government of India has banned the most popular site for file sharing WeTransfer. Now when we are in lockdown and we are not meeting anyone physically, so it can create a problem for us in file sharing. But we are living in a world of technology. If one way is blocked, still there are always other ways that we can go for.

So now there is a question, how we are going to share our file which is in a large size? Is there any alternative for WeTransfer? Yes, still we can share our files and there are alternatives.

There are many other sites that work as similar to WeTransfer. Where you can share your files of large size in every nook and corner of the world.so we don’t have to worry, we have the different alternatives of WeTransfer through which we can share our files easily.

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Alternatives of WeTransfer for File Sharing

Google Drive

Alternatives of WeTransfer

Google Drive is a cloud storage where you can store your documents, files, videos or anything. It offers free 15GB of cloud storage and you can access it from anywhere of world. If you wish to transfer any file to anyone which is in large size then simple share the drive link to that person through mail.

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Drop Box

From past years, Dropbox is in the market and playing its game very cool. It has been the gold standard for storage. It offers cloud storage where you can store all your data in one place and whenever you want to share any file, you can easily share the link of your storage and that person can easily access to it.


Alternatives of WeTransfer

Jumpshare is another file sharing app and it does not only offer you file sharing feature but it also let you collaborate visually.

You just need to drag and drop your files into the jumpshare icon and there you can find a link which you can share with anyone and get their feedbacks.


Alternatives of WeTransfer

Box works very professionally and it is the go-to file sharing service. It is mainly designed for businesses and the IT sector to share the files and store them over  the cloud.

Box offers you the collaboration where you can create store your files in Box cloud and create your create your team, who can see your files, edit and even you can do the conversations over there for better understanding of files and to edit them.

It provide lot of privacy and security options so you can share your  files and store them in the clouds without any hesitation.


Alternatives of WeTransfer

DropSend let you share the files  upto 8GB in size. It is one of the easiest site after WeTransfer and it also offers large size file transfer.

You can upload your files to its cloud and then you can send the download link to the receiver through email and then they can download the link.

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