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5 Apps for Fit Women

by Arpita
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5 Amazing Women Fitness Apps on Android


In this fast-paced, crazy-busy life, who has time to hit the Gym or have hours of a vigorous workout session, when you have school lunches to pack, have to get your kids ready for school and reach work on time?

Worry not Ladies, in this era of technology your smart phone or say apps on your smart phone can become your Gym instructor/partner. Here are 5 awesome apps to help you workout in your home (and saving your gym membership fee too!!)

  1. Keep: Home Workout Trainer
    Keep - Home workout trainer

With over 1 million downloads on Google Play, this is one of the best fitness apps on android. Once you complete your registration, it asks about your fitness goal, whether you want to lose weight or be more active or build muscles, along with your experience in exercises. Based on your body weight, height, and your previous answers, it builds you a 3-week workout plan. With great videos including instructions, this is a great app for working out.

  1. Female Fitness-Women Workout
    Female Fitness

This app provides you workout plan based on your trouble zone such as Abs, Thighs, upper body strength etc. along with the number of days you can work out in a week. According to the plan, each day has different exercises provided with instruction videos which include exercises like high stepping, squats, push-ups etc. This app also provides morning warm-ups and sleep time stretches.

  1. 30-Day Fitness Challenge – Workout At Home
    30 Days Fitness Challenge

This app consists of different workout instruction videos for full body workout, abs, thighs etc. Based on how frequently you exercise, it creates a workout plan for you. This app is very user-friendly and does not require any registration process.

  1. Home Workout – No Equipment

If you are short on time and need quick workouts to keep you fit, this app is just made for you. It provides instruction videos for quick exercises like classic 7 minutes workout, full body in 3 minutes, tones Abs in 5 minutes etc. If you need a break or rest during your workout, you can use the snooze option and continue later. This app also has a meal plan feature, which provides a 30-day meal plan for you.


  1. 7 Minutes Workout
    7 Minute Workout

This app is similar to the Home workout app. It provides quick workout videos with a detailed instructions option. You can monitor your progress in the calendar option, which provides your weight statistics weekly, monthly as well as annually.



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