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5 Devices to Make Your Home a Smart Home

by TechMobi Desk
Smart Device

What most people imagined earlier has now become part of reality. There are several devices available in the market that works smoothly using sophisticated technologies. Smart devices make our lives easier and enjoyable. Old-fashioned and dumb homes have become stylish, most-modern, and smart. Most of the smart devices have elegant looks, compact & portable designs, and higher functionality. The smart devices are available in the market at the affordable price and it offers useful features that are practically useful in daily life.

You can find out about 5 smart devices that can change the look and feel of your home and make it look smart.

Best Smart Ring Video Doorbell

Door Bell Smart Device

The Ring Video Doorbell is a very useful smart device with unique features. The compact-sized device is very handy and can be fitted easily near the door. The bell works with the help of a user-friendly app and can be easily installed. It fits well in the limited place and can easily monitor the outside area around the door and passage.  The smart doorbell can track the motion, keeps an eye on the movements, and records every action that is taking place.

The doorbell app is configured with the help of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which makes it highly functional in everyday work. The doorbell works on the battery that lasts longer. The smart doorbell offers the necessary help, offers complete protection, and works for longer hours without any hassles.  The doorbell with all the advanced features combined makes your home tidy, stylish, and smart. Your neighbors and friends will get impressed when the smart doorbell welcomes the guests into your smart home.

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  • Eye-catching design
  • Useful motion tracking options
  • User-friendly App


  • Limited video storage
  • Careful handling required

Best Smart Light Bulb

smart light

To make your home a smart home, one of the exceptional devices that you will love to have is the smart light bulb which has a higher range.  The light bulbs have become a necessity of the home and not a luxury. The smart light bulbs work nicely. It keeps control over the usage of electricity and cuts-short the electricity bills. The bulbs are available in a variety of sizes, design, and capacity. You have to choose the best-suited bulb for your home-requirements.

The main feature of the smart bulb is, it can be controlled using your iPhones. The entire electricity circuit can be easily managed using the Smartphone. It controls the usage of electricity at your home and makes it look like a modern and smart home. The smart light bulb technology allows you to have a hub that is useful in managing several bulbs at a time. Even you can set the timing for the bulbs to switch on and off according to your routine work. It certainly changes the look and feels of your home by making it look smarter.


  • Available wide network
  • Easy installation


  • Higher cost

Best Smart Security Camera

security camera

The security camera is required to be used essentially either at homes or at offices. The circumstances have changed and the security solutions are highly in demand today. The smart camera works well, fits at any place, and offers the complete protection with the help of smart technology. The latest features and the useful techniques make it popular among the users at all levels.

Some of the highly useful features include – the built-in warning sounds or the sirens that can beep automatically and alert the people around during emergencies. Also, the smart camera when placed in the hidden areas makes perfect surveillance. The smart camera can be easily controlled and effectively managed via internet services. The camera offers various features like changing the angles of the views, zooming, and motion tracking are automatic and needs no manual handling. The smart camera offers complete protection to your home and makes it a smarter place to live.

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  • Easily portable
  • Fits in a limited area
  • Offers advanced features


  • Understand the technology

Best Smart Lock


There are many smarter devices available having smart and most-modern looks. Even the modern locks are available which are used with keypads and passwords. But most people prefer the smart locks having a traditional look along with smart keys. The smart locks are easy to manage and are popular among the elder people who always wish to carry the keys along with them after locking the home.

The traditional looking lock with keys is superior equipment and it offers complete protection to the doors and cupboards. The locks are easy to use and are long durable. Most of the old-fashioned homes prefer to have smart locks that can fit nicely over the existing deadbolts along with the set of old keys. The smart device looks decent and it takes care of the home and surrounding well.


  • Highly compatible
  • Remains stronger


  • Heavy & bulky

Best smart smoke detector smart device

smoke detector

The Smoke detector is the most useful device used at home that works effectively during emergencies.  The device can detect the smoke and immediately gives a warning. The smoke of any form and the burning sensation can be easily detected. The device is small in size and handy to carry. It can be configured using WiFi connectivity. This smart device can work effectively using IFTTT that can automatically control the devices using web apps.

The smart smoke detector can easily sense smoke or fire in and around your home and send messages by giving alert warnings. The messages can be sent across the world over the Smartphone to avoid disasters. The usefulness of the device is higher during unavoidable circumstances.


Delicate design

  • User-friendly options
  • Useful safety device


  • Needs careful handling

Bottom Line:

The advancement in technology has positively affected human lives and it has brought better changes in the homes and the surrounding.  The superior quality devices have become part of your kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The devices offer user-friendly options that are very protective, supportive & enjoyable. Smart devices have made homes of smarter people smart.

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