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Mobile Phone And List Of Accessories

by Naina Chauhan
Mobile Phone Accessories

What are Mobile Phones and their accessories?

Mobile phones are portable telephones which work with the help of a network of radio frequencies to connect different networks for calling and other facilities.

All the hardware used in mobile phones that are not an integral part of the phone for its operation when designed is known as the accessories of mobile phones. These are purchased by individual users according to their need, sometimes some accessories are also provided by manufacturers.

List of accessories

  Cases or covers- One of the most commonly used accessories of mobile phones is its cover or case. It helps in preventing the mobile phones against wear and tear due to rubbing or falling down of the phone. It comes in various types depending upon the use, fashion and taste like pouches and sleeves, holsters, shells, skins, bumpers, flip cases and wallets, screen protection and body films, drop and shock protection and leather case Etcetera.

 Chargers- All the mobiles run on energy which is provided by batteries installed in the mobiles itself but batteries can only run for a specific small period so there is a need for recharging it, this is done through charges.

 Power Banks- Chargers also need an external source of electricity for charging the batteries but it is not possible every time and everywhere, therefore, power banks are used which have a higher capacity of energy-storing than normal mobile batteries so it may be used for charging the mobile batteries.

 Anti-lost devices- These devices are used to find mobile phones if lost or stolen. It finds the phone and tells it’s the location with the help of GPS and Bluetooth of the mobile.

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 Mobile phone charms- Mobile phone charms are basically used to decorate the mobile. It generally comes like a chain or thread or strip for decorating the mobile.

 Mass storage– Most of the mobile nowadays supports mass storage devices, generally SD cards, they are used to increase the storage capacity of the mobile for storing more data in it. Some mobile phones also support USB OTG (On-The-Go) for data transfer and storage.

 Smart lenses and smart flashes- These are generally better than the lenses and flashlight of the mobiles so they may be used for enhancing the photos or videos.

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 Selfie sticks- These are used to take better selfies by extending the length of Mobiles from arms.

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