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Android Device Manager : What & How ?

by Tech Desk
Android device manager

As the name suggests here in this article we would be discussing about Android Device Manager.

What is Android Device Manager

It is a security feature that helps an Android SmartPhone owner:

  • Locate during the need of the hour
  • Remotely lock or
  • Wipe out all the data on the Android Device,

In case he / she loses it or someone steals it.

It is basically a way to protect one’s Android Device. To do this job, you need to connect your Android device with your Google Account.

What is a Device Manager

It is an applet in the control panel of the Operating system, allowing you to view and control all the hardware attached to the system. It highlights any piece of hardware that is not functioning properly and helps in doing things like:

  • Enable or Disable the device
  • Supply device drivers
  • And view other technical properties

Procedure to use Android Device Manager

It is a an easy one. But you need to take care of few basic things before you download and install Android Device Manager app:

  • Firstly connect your Android Device Manager to your Google account.
  • Ensure that location feature is turned on.
  • Enable the remote data wipe feature.

In order to locate and control your device in case it is lost or stolen, log in with your Google account to the Android Device Manager website or the app on another device.

After you are successfully logged in, you will see a dashboard pop up, that will display your device location on the map along with other options.

You can remote lock your Android Device to avoid letting anyone access your data.

You can also make use of erase option to wipe out all your apps, photos, music and other device settings. In case, your device is offline, the very moment it comes online, data erase and device reset function would execute.

Point of Caution

Once you have clean wiped your device, it won’t be accessible from the app.


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