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Android Users Beware, Fakesky Malware is Back and is Dangerous Than Ever Before

by Aditi Singh
Freesky Malware

Smartphone users are in great danger, as the three-year-old dangerous Fakesky malware has made a comeback with new updates. Hackers are not only stealing users’ personal data through this newly updated malware but are also trying to empty their bank accounts. Information about the return of the virus was obtained from a report by Cybereason Nocturnus.

According to a report by Cybereason Nocturnus, the Fakesky malware was first detected in October 2017. During this time the malware targeted the people of South Korea and Japan. At the same time, now a new version of this malware has been rediscovered. Hackers are targeting users from Taiwan, France, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and America through this new version. It is expected that in the coming time, hackers can steal private data of Indian users through this malware.

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How Fakesky MalwareWorks?

According to the report, the Fakesky app sends users a fake SMS asking users to download the postal app. This app works just like a real postal app. If users download this app, then they are asked for two permissions. In the guise of the first permission, this malware sends the messages coming in the users’ phones directly to their servers and in the second permission, even after the phone is locked, it remains active in the background.

Experts believe that the Chinese group Roming Mantis has updated this malware. Hackers of Roming Mantis Group steal users’ phone numbers, device models, OS versions, telecom providers, banking information, IMEI numbers, and IMSI numbers through this malware. Also, send infected messages to the phone numbers saved in the user’s phone, and they do this to make them victim too.

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Recently an attempt was made to hack the website Globussoft Chingari app and changes were made to its codes as well. This information was obtained from the official Twitter account of the hacker Elliot Alderson. However, Sumit Ghosh, the co-founder of the Chingari app, tweeted as soon as the code changes were made, saying thank you for pointing out the wp issue in front of me. This issue will be fixed soon. This has not at all. The data of users along with the app and website is completely safe.

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