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Asphalt 3: Street Rules Review

by Satish
Asphalt 3

The flashy racing game Asphalt 3, typically focuses on fast-paced arcade racing that has a changing setup and a variety of local backgrounds.  The players get involved in the game, compete with higher speed, invade the law, and enforce police-actions.

3D Effective Approach

Gameloft has developed a high-quality mobile game that is a part of the Asphalt racing franchise. The game offers a consistent approach and a 3D effective approach that was highly appreciated by mobile game lovers. Gameloft has developed the real-time version of the game with multiplayer options and criminality. The game has created the atmosphere with the scenes of street racing, over-speed driving, and the police chase.

The game Asphalt 3 offers rock-solid performance, weird outlook, and action-packed movements that make the game highly interesting among mobile users. Most of the effects and the user-friendly options make it easy for a person to play & enjoy the game.

The talented team of developers working at Gameloft has designed the 3D edition of Asphalt: Urban GT earlier. And it was a part of the Asphalt racing franchise. The newly designed Asphalt 3 game mainly focuses on street race that includes mayhem around the cities and country-sides. It also displays exotic locations around the world, and the famous cities like Tokyo, St. Petersburg and Bombay. The simple techniques and instant gratification make it easy to play the game.

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Features of the Asphalt 3

Asphalt 3

For the users, the game is not complex and the users will start playing the game by getting behind the wheel to ride the car on the long shiny roads, driving the vehicle on the lovely countryside, and in the crowded city and market areas.

You can choose your vehicle from a set of modern cars. Select your vehicle from a variety of new-age flashy cars that includes Ashton Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and many others. The length of the track is wide and the road gets displayed perfectly well in the mobile.  The different modes of the game include basic racing level which is the beginning of the game, crash, and collisions level results in exit of the game after repeated collisions.  

The 35 MB game is all about pumping the velocity into the luxurious cars, going in with a high speed, in the breathtaking atmosphere.  

  • The game Asphalt 3 offers high-speed racing, roadside crazy stunts, and police chase.
  • It allows the users to take control of deluxe cars and drive them over the speed limit.
  • Drive your car either on the long lonely roads or on the busy streets of the market. 
  • You can take challenges; take shortcuts, crash, and collisions while competing with friends.
  • Police chase makes the game exciting when the riders get caught by the Policemen on duty to get penalties and punishments. 
  • You have to take control of the speed machines and push your ways beyond the limits to cross the line to win the race.

The game has become highly popular among young and old.  Most of the players find it exciting to drive the stylish and the hottest cars without any speed limit. Most mobile-lovers get addicted to the wild chase of the car with an exciting finish. The graphics and animated characters along with the colorful background bring the game close to the real world around you.

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