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Which Is The Best External Hard Drive Of 2020?

by Mukul Sharma
best external hard drive

Are you looking to buy an external hard drive in your budget? But do not know which external hard drive would be best for you then not to worry as here we will discuss the best HDD of 2020 which will cater to your needs.

External hard drives are the best way to store your important information such as music files, photos, software programs, files, and folders. With HDD you can store data in large amounts and also take a backup of your old data. So, if you use HDD then there is no need to take backup on cloud storage like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

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Buffalo Ministation Extreme NFC

Buffalo is a popular brand name that has been making the best hard drives with different storage capacities. But this is a 2TB external hard drive that has a durable and rugged body with a different wrap-around USB cable along with hardware encryption and NFC technology.

This amazing hard drive is also shock resistant that keeps it safe from the bumps and shocks. The USB is also integrated that conveniently connects to PC and other devices. Regarding data safety, its hardware is encrypted that saves data from unauthorized access. With 256 bit AES encryption the data stored is always and safe and in case it is lost, no one can access it or unlock it except the authorized person.

With USB 3.0 you can connect it with multiple devices like Windows or Mac computers. With automatic backup function and time machine support, you can take the backup of your data and social accounts by also using scheduled backups.

Its rugged chassis design supported by specialized bumpers keeps it safe from 1.2 meters of accidental bumps. This hard drive is also IPX3 resistant which means that you can use it in any weather as it is protected against the dust and water.

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The other incredible features of this HDD include NFC connectivity that allows the user to connect with the device without using the password if it was connected in the past. Another positive of this external hard drive is that it comes with eco manager that reduces battery consumption and helps in saving the energy levels by doing power regulation.

When we talk about the data transfer speed then you do not need to worry about this area because it has a special turbo PC  function that enhances the data transfer speed when connected to the PC of any brand and configuration. It also has a turbo copy system that additionally increases the performance of data transfer. If you like this external hard drive and want to buy it then it is available on multiple e-commerce websites including Amazon.in where you can get it for Rs 29,969.

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