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Best of F-droid Apps : NewPipe, Chanu

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F-Droid Popular App

As the name suggests here in this article we would be listing some of the F-Droid popular apps.

We have a million apps on Play Store, that pretty much meet every need of ours. Some of them are great and some not. They need to be screened through many rules and regulations to get published on play store. Those amongst them who fail to pass the screening the, are then published on F-Droid, a catalog of Free Open Source Apps. Every F-Droid app is safe, as they are compiled by F-Droid itself, so you need not worry about any malicious apps or virus.

  • Beta Updater For WhatsApp

Beta update means new updates and stability. App developers these days, provide beta updates to users who have signed up for that. Users get to test new features and developers get the feedback. This is a win-win situation for both and same is the case with WhatsApp.

To use this app, you need not be a beta tester and still get updates. App notifies you every time, an update is up for grabs.

  • NewPipe

This is a front end app for YouTube. You can use this app to watch YouTube videos. This app can be used to download videos and its audio only in .mp3 format. It offers support for native playback control and allows YouTube video playback in MX player or other video player apps.

  • Chanu

It is a chanu viewer. It is an image based bulletin portal, where users can post comments and share images in anonymous mode.

It’s image boards, host a variety of topics, be it the Japanese animation and culture to video games, music, and photography. It shows the most recent posts along with the popular threads. One can even select his / her favorite boards, with an option to enable / disable NSFW boards. It is one of the best pass time apps.

If you wish to know more about these F-Droid Apps, then visit the reference link, or do a Google Search with the keyword.

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