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Since the early 2000s, when smartphones were introduced, there have been constant modifications and improvements that accompany different models and brands of these devices.

As a new model of a particular brand is revealed, it proves to be better than the previous model, and following this trend, smartphones have come a long way from when they were first manufactured to this present moment.

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Deciding which phone is best to buy may present to be a slightly difficult task judging by the fact that the device or phone must have satisfied certain requirements before it is considered to indeed be the best device.

For example, a gadget which an 18-year-old gamer would consider the best device will definitely not be the same as the one an 80-year-old man would call the best device too. Similarly, the best device for a high schooler would not be the same for a kindergarten pupil. This is simply to make the point that the idea of the best phone is relative.

However, the best phone can indeed be decided or better still, be found. In this case, the best phone would be one which satisfies most, if not all of the requirements by all smartphone users from different walks of life. Some of these requirements are price, battery capacity, user interface, user design, memory capabilities, comfortable typing keyboard, high camera quality, fashionistic and comfortable design, ability to multi-task, ability to support certain applications or software, high battery life, durability, amongst others.

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Best Smartphone in 2020


Best Smartphone

Considering all of the most important points, at the moment, the new Apple product iPhone 12 seems to be the best smartphone anyone could buy.

Considering it under each of the requirements previously listed, it happens to be the one device which satisfies the most requirements.

Price: The iPhone 12 pro max is currently priced at approximately $1100 on Amazon at the moment. Now, this may be considered expensive to some folks but to some others, it is considered the right price, considering that Apple products are generally luxury products plus considering all the specifications it offers.

Memory capabilities: The iPhone 12 pro max has a 6 gigabyte RAM while the ROM varies by the price. The ROM is available in 128GB, 256GB and 512 GB.

Battery life: The device has been said to be able 5o last almost 11 hours with its 5g connectivity on. Bear in mind that as at present, very few phone use 5g yet. This is another major advantage the Apple iPhone 12 has over devices.

Camera quality: The front camera boasts a whopping 12 megapixel with the rear camera boasting the same quality. But apparently, these qualities seem to be more when you actually take your pictures. With the help the flash, specially designed to allow enough light in, to create the best pictures possible.

Display: iPhone 12 pro max has a 6.7 inches OLED in height.

All in all, the iPhone 12 pro max is the best smartphone you can buy right now. It is closely followed by its other Apple siblings.

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