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What is Walkie Talkie? The Best Walkie Talkie And Where To Find Them.

by Aditi Singh
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Walkie talkie is a mobile technology which is also known as handheld transceiver or HT. It is a wireless, portable, two-way radio transceiver. It was invented during second world War and popular till the mobile phone was not invented. It started decreasing its value when government starts imposing license on buying walkie talkie. But now, government has removed the license procedure and it has started gaining its popularity again.

Best qualities walkie talkies

When you are going for tracking, camping, hacking or any adventurous training or journey then you can always rely on cell networks to communicate. Best qualities walkie talkie always makes you feel connected and secure. There are hundreds of models which offers a best quality walkie talkie models that we can choose according to our requirements.

Here are some good qualities walkie talkie

Product Category
Midland GXT1000GXT1000VP4 Best overall
Motorola T600 Best for water sports
Aina PTT voice  responder Best smartphone option
Baofeng BF-F8HP Best for long range communication
Motorola talkabout T800 Best for hiking
Cobra ACT200B Chat Tag Rock Best handsfree
Motorola T100 talkabout Best for kids
Cobra ACXT1035 FLT Best for backcountry emergencies
Midland LXT500 VP3 Best budget option

These are the best qualities walkie talkies that one can have according to their type of work or need.

Where to buy  good walkie talkie?

There are various shops and e-commerce websites from where you can buy a good walkie talkie.

Here are some websites from where you can buy a good walkie talkie

  • Solution tree Home theatre and automation an E-Commerce platform which gives you a licence free walkie talkie and also in a reasonable price, which anyone can easily afford.
  • Amazon is a platform from where you can buy a good quality of this device with a huge discount.
  • TRUCOM- walkie talkie, it is a wholesale manufacturer in Delhi. It supplies a good quality of this wireless two-way radio transceiver and in also a cheap price.
  • Banggood is only a gadget online platform from you can buy a good walkie talkie in a good range .

What is commercial walkie talkie?

Commercial walkie talkie  is a device which is used within the industries. It allows the businesses to communicate efficiently to the employees . Commercial walkie talkie  is the best when communication require the members of the team to respond promptly or respond over a long stretches  doubt the need to use the mobile phones.

Who can use commercial walkie talkie?

Commercial walkie talkie is used by many companies, industries Including night clubs and security which requires fast communication without any intervention of network or any other problems while communicating.

Best Range walkie talkie

We have seen various walkie talkie does not have long range or have limited range. Many obstacles like buildings, forests can also come in the way and wreck havoc with weak signals .  It is very difficult to find a best walkie talkie but with some research and gathered information we have found 8 long range walkie talkie.

  • Motorola MH23OR long range walkie talkie
  • Uniden submersible long range walkie talkie
  • Baofeng BF-F8HP
  • Motorola MT352TPR FRS
  • LT 188H vhf
  • Motorola MR350TPR
  • Baofeng BF-888S Plus UHF
  • Midland LXT500 VP3
Best inexpensive walkie talkie

Walkie talkies are always comes in a wide range. Some are so expensive and some are cheap and inexpensive. We may find variety of range and of different qualities . But we must buy a good quality and inexpensive walkie talkies. We have listed out some best inexpensive walkie talkies for you –

  • Midland LXT500 VP3 22-channels GMRS

It comes in wide range, affordable, and charging station make it the best in the list. It is available on AMAZON  in just $40.

  • Arcshell rechargeable long range radio

It is water resistant, solidity built and light weight. You can buy it on AMAZON  in just $26.

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