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Does Bluetooth Connectivity Impact Smartphone Battery?

by Mukul Sharma
Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth was introduced in the 90s and since then it became very popular but with its popularity and advantages, there are some wrong notions which also came parallel. The use of Bluetooth connection also made people think that it drains the battery much faster which may not be true because it also depends on the type of usage. It was invented to eliminate the use of a cable to transfer information and its integration changed things rapidly.

Nowadays almost all smartphones come up with multiple connectivity options but it is one  of the most used connectivity features that connect the different device with your smartphone without any wires like a smartwatch, Bluetooth headphones and many apps like Arogya that  tells you about any COVID  infected person if he or she comes in its range of your smartphone.’

You may have also noticed that when your Bluetooth is on then your smartphone consumes more battery. Anyways there are lots of misconceptions about its connection over smartphones.

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Do not worry as its connection does not eat up your smartphone battery instantly but if you use it along With Wi-Fi and GPS then there are chances that your phone starts consuming more battery but Bluetooth alone will not use much battery.

So, basically it has bluetooth own pros and cons, the battery usage completely depends on how much you are using it.

Bluetooth 40

Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth 4.0 was launched in 2011 for making a point to point connection between different devices. Like when you want to connect a wireless speaker or headphone then the smartphone would automatically use its classic version or 4.0 version which consumes very little battery power and you can say that the impact is negligible and always low as compared to Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, if your smartphone battery is low then it is advisable that first of all, you should put off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connection until you get a source to charge it again.

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