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Google Learning App Bolo is now available

by Aditi Singh

Google launched an android learning app called Bolo for kids to help them learn to read in India last year. Now, the company is expanding the app in other countries too and change its name to Read-Along. This app provides features like Google’s Speech recognition and text-to-speech, it helps in understanding how well kids are doing and reading aloud.

It provides a virtual reading buddy whose name is  Diya to provide visual and verbal encouragement. It helps kids in pronouncing a word or sentence where the kid is finding any difficulty. You can also set the difficulty levels for stories and games according to your kid’s performance.

This app also gives recognition to kids like stars and badges on how good they are doing. You just have to make an individual profile for your kid to track their progress.

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Important Features of Bolo App

Free – Bolo App is a completely free app. Which can be downloaded free from the play store. And no fee is also charged for its services.

No internet needed – Internet is required to download the Bolo app once. After downloading, this app can be used even without internet. Because it has also been given an offline mode feature. So that people cannot stop learning due to internet connectivity.

Easy to use – Speak app has been developed keeping in mind the rural children. Therefore its user interface is very easy. And a First Grade student also learns to use this app easily.

Interesting stories to read – Dozens of Hindi-English stories have been made available for children. Which can be accessed from the ‘Library’ section. Also, Hindi translations of English stories are also available.


Learn English too – Apart from reading Hindi, English pronunciation can also be learned with the help of this app. Because Speak App with Hindi is also available in English. And for this, there is no need to download the app separately. App can be switched from Hindi to English and English to Hindi with just one tap.

Learning Fun –Bolo  App takes the help of Games, Awards and other interesting activities to protect young children from boredom. At the end of each story, the Word Games In-App Awards have proved to be helpful in protecting children from boredom. And motivate you to read more.

Personal Learning – Bolo app can use many users simultaneously. If there is more than one kid in the family, then each individual learning dashboard is created. Where the app becomes friendly according to their learning activities. And according to their choice, they provide stories and other suggestions.

Monitoring tool for parents – In this app, monitoring of children has also been arranged for parents. Parents can get all the information about their children’s activities through the app. For example, the total time spent on the app, rewards, etc.

Reading-Tutor – A reading tutor named “Diya” has also been provided with the Bolo app. It speaks the available words on the screen and also gives feedback to the children. If there is any problem in reading a particular word, then tap on that word and let the Diya pronounce it correctly.

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