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Bring Forward The Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Games

by Nitin Sinha
Mobile Phone Games

Gaming is one thing that has connected people so much. All these games we play on our mobile phones are just amazing. The graphics and the design are just increasing day by day and giving a better experience to all its players. Android has released many games. There are many mobile phone upcoming games that will truly change the gaming experience for you. The android mobile phone games for download are free and you download it from the app store.

Let us see a list of android mobile phone upcoming games:
1. Mario Kart Tour: It is a car racing game where it offers over 30 characters and 20 carts and 10 gliders. It has a simple control system so you can play this game with ease. You have to compete in a race to win the trophy in the series.

2. Harry Potter Wizards Unite: This game is based on the class book and movie of Harry Potter. The game will have a storyline where you will see all the characters from the movie or the book. You need to follow the storyline and solve the mysteries which are assigned to you. This game will certainly hit the skies because of the huge fan base of Harry Potter.

3. Gears Pop: This is going to be the best mobile phone for upcoming games. The game revolves around the explosive real-time multiplayer where you will be in the Gears Universe. The game is to build a squad and collect items without getting killed and move forward.

4. Minecraft Earth: This mobile phone games for download for Android as well as iOS users. The game builds structures with real-time players and shows real-life arenas in the game. You can team up and go for mini adventures with your friends.


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