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Meet the world’s smallest Tini mini phone.

by Arpita
zanco tiny

“Your phone broke again ’’ “ can your phone ever be without a broken screen” “ you might spend half of your pocket money on this”, Well if you are a runner, jogger, cyclist or any fitness-obsessed person then you might have heard these statements a million times in your life.

In the era of bigger is better, the UK based company Clubit New Media backed by Kickstarter which is known for its creative yet innovative projects came up with the idea of world’s smallest phone. Yes, you read it right ‘world’s smallest phone’ the “Zanco Tiny T1”.

You might be thinking what features does this phone might have? To your surprise, this phone has a 0.49-inch screen OLED display64x32 pixel screen resolution. The phone is powered by 200mAh battery which can last up to 3 days on standby mode and provides 180mins talk time. Talk as much as you can!!!

The most amusing thing about the phone is its 32GB storage. Thinking of such large storage in such a small phone, I think its something great.  Next question in your head would be how will you type your text (as we all love to chat) or dial phone numbers? Well not to give you too much stress on your eyes the company has provided a physical keyboard which would ease you texting!!!

The phone has other regular features such as  2G network support, Bluetooth connectivity, nano sim card and USB port for charging. In my opinion, the features are amazing considering the size of the phone. This phone would be available for shipment anywhere on the globe.  You name it and it would be delivered!!

If you are worried that this phone would cost you a lot then calm down the phone is priced for $40 ( Rs. 2500). So my friend gives a break to your regular giant handset and takes this Tini mini phone while you workout. This would save you from getting your screen replacement every now and then.

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