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ClaverTap utilizing AWS Cloud to rejoice cricket fans in this cricketing season

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Intelligent mobile marketing automation solutions provider CleverTap and an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner, is enhancing mobile growth and user engagement for leading brands during different T20 cricket tournaments in India. By hosting its own marketing platform on AWS Cloud, CleverTap is capitalizing on AWS Cloud’s highly scalable, nimble, and secure infrastructure to assist them seamlessly serve a number of India’s leading brands as they acquire and engage millions of users throughout the 2018 season.

Capitalizing on the popular appeal of the short cricket format, many brands view it as a chance to drive their business growth and earnings. CleverTap enables companies to communicate with their customers through multiple participation channels including push messaging, email, and SMS using personalized marketing automation solutions that scale with their user base. By sending contextual and timely messages around discount offers, promo codes, and live updates, CleverTap’s customers can quickly increase user retention by 300% and monetization opportunities by 500 percent. Last year, over 14 billion push notifications were sent using CleverTap’s mobile marketing platform. From the end of the 2018 season, CleverTap anticipates that push notifications will grow by 200 percent.

“Thanks to AWS Cloud, CleverTap has been able to encourage a 50 times increment in year-on-year growth in consumer acquisition within the past five years,” said Suresh Kondamudi, Co-founder and CTO of CleverTap. “The CleverTap platform procedures billions of occasions seconds allowing businesses to send millions of notifications to their users with personalized contextual messaging like game scores, critical sporting moments, and more — all in real time. On the opening day of the largest T20 championship in India, we listed a 100 percent surge in traffic and processed over 4 billion occasions. For one of the opening afternoon attempts, roughly 100 million notifications were sent in only under 15 minutes. Our proprietary architecture deployed on AWS Cloud enables us to scale up as needed, without compromising on reliability and stability.”

“CleverTap utilizes auto-scaling and Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS) to respond to spikes in incoming traffic, and in some cases pre-provision capacity, while protecting customers’ personal data. AWS Cloud’s highly powerful infrastructure allows customers to scale in a couple of minutes without having to worry about bandwidth, information transfer, and load balancing. Leveraging AWS Regions spread across the world, CleverTap has built a platform that could support mobile marketing campaigns at scale, drive new participation, and increase customer value,” said Bikram Bedi, Head of India Region, Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.

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