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Can A Desktop Computer Have 2 Internal Hard Drives?

by Mukul Sharma
can adeskopt have 2 internal hard drives

Yes, almost all computers can have two internal hard drives, and not just two you can add up to six internal hard drives in the desktop computer. First of all, you will have to check how many SATA ports are available on the computer or you can install extra ports if required.

If you want to install an extra hard drive on your computer then there are some additional things you would require in the system.

First of all, check if the computer has enough power support for the second hard drive or not, secondly check if there is a space available for adding additional hard drives. Usually, desktop computers have a 2.5-inch hard drive bay and if the hard drive size is 3.5-inch or 5-inch you will need to have a power adapter.

The next thing you need to have is the SATA port that is available in the motherboard and if it is not available then you will have to install a SATA card that will connect to the motherboard with the existing SATA port.

After adding the SATA port you also need to check that the port has sufficient length. Now, check if there are any unused power connectors that can be used to connect the extra internal hard drive else you would have to buy a new power adapter or use the Y splitter that will connect with the existing power adapter and share the charge with two hard drives. Here, also ensure that it can successfully power up the two drives.

So, you can easily add a second internal hard drive in your computer without facing any problem by just making sure that there is an adequate power supply, space, ports, connectors, and obviously a hard drive.

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What are the advantages of using second hard drives?

There are lots of advantages of using a second hard drive as most of the desktop computers come with only one internal hard drive which is suitable for normal working but if your work involves more data storage than it is always better to install the extra hard drive which will be the best choice.

So, the biggest benefit of having a second internal hard drive is that it instantly increases the storage capacity. When the second or multiple internal hard drives are installed then it also makes the computer more efficient and boosts up the speed.

More storage space means large files can be saved easily and heavy software installation also becomes easy and fast.

Another benefit of installing a second internal hard drive is that it reduces the cost because you can use two internal hard drives which eventually increase the storage space instead of buying an expensive big hard drive.

Using multiple hard drives in a computer also ensures data safety because when you save data in two hard drives then there are fewer chances that both of them will crash. So, there are very less chances that you will lose the entire data. The multiple hard drives can be used to back up your data that reduces the risk of losing important data.

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how to add second hard drive

How to add a second internal hard drive

Installing the second internal hard drive is not as easy as using an external hard drive because the external hard drive does need any special steps to connect with the pc. All you need to do is insert the USB cable attached to the external hard to the computer and it is ready to use.

For the addition of the second internal hard drive, you will have to shut down the computer and open the case then attach the cables, hard drive and put it back.

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