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Can We Convert a Bluetooth Device into a WiFi Connection?

by Satish
can we convert bluetooth device into wifi cnnection

The engineers of Washington University have found out one of the unique ways of converting Bluetooth signals into WiFi transmission in the air. It is a way of communication between two different devices. The technology used is to make the brain implants, credit cards, contact lenses, and wearable electronics items to get in connection with Smartphones and Smartwatches. 

Engineering doctoral researcher

The interscatter device makes use of reflections and coverts the Bluetooth signals from the Smartwatch. A smart interscatter device such as a contact lens is very useful in conversions.

The devices that are implanted to have wireless connectivity can be used for managing chronic diseases. The engineering doctoral researcher explains it with examples. In an example, he says that the diabetic blood sugar level of a person in the tears can be monitored with the help of a contact lens. The smart contact lenses examine the level of sugar and send a notification to the connected device such as a phone or laptop.

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But the smart contact lenses have restricted capabilities and limited power demands that don’t allow the effective transmission of data using wireless transmission. It shows that the connected devices are not completely capable of handling the WiFi connectivity with Smartphones or Smartwatches. Such limitations can easily prevent other emerging technologies and their effective usage. Such smart devices can be used in brain implants to treat Parkinson’s disease and to stimulate the organs and even reanimate limbs.

Smart technology for smart devices to convert bluetooth device into wifi connection

According to scientists, the devices that are connected can communicate and send signals to each other. The communication can be possible without using any specialized equipment. It can solely depend on mobile connectivity that can make use of WiFi signals which uses the signals that are 10,000 times lower than the standard communication methods.  

To resolve the issues, the engineers of the University of Washington have found a unique way of using Bluetooth technology along with WiFi transmission and it could help in effectively using smart devices in the medical field.

Instead of using weak WiFi signals directly, the advanced technology invented by the scientists that use Bluetooth transmissions from mobile devices such as Smartphones or Smartwatches and generate powerful WiFi.

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