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Different types of Laptop Keyboard

by Tech Desk

As the name suggests here in this article we would be discussing about a Laptop Keyboard.

In Spite of all the developments in the field of voice input, keyboard still remains one of the most essential input methods on a computer. Not all, laptop keyboards are meant to type at length. In most cases, it would be uncomfortable and ungainly for anything more than the occasional push of Ctrl + Alt + Del. In case, you foresee a lot of typing on your next laptop, below points shall be of paramount consideration for you.

Types of Laptop Keyboard

They are of three types primarily:

  • Traditional style,
  • Chiclet style, and
  • Mechanical.

A Traditional style keyboard has keys placed to one another with each key edge sloping off. It has a lot of surface area and key travel and is easier to replace, as it sits on a replaceable tray.

A chiclet style (or island style) keyboard has keys that seem to pop-out of the laptop’s body through separate cut-outs for each key. It gives an impression that there is a lot of space between the keys. It is because of this the keyboard cleaning is an easier job. This keyboard is slowly eclipsing the traditional keyboard that are used in the laptops today. It has a thinner and more versatile design. It is the topmost choice for thin-and-light laptop makers.


Unlike above two keyboards, that make the use of a membrane under the keys, a mechanical keyboard makes use of real mechanical switches under the keycaps. These switches make an audible click with each push, making for increased feedback. This mechanical keyboard is more common in desktops as compared to laptops, as it uses more space and an expensive design. These mechanical keyboard keys travel deep and are designed to last long.

Chances of your next laptop having a chiclet style keyboard are more, unless and until you are on the lookout for a mechanical or traditional style keyboard. In such cases, you need to observe the laptop keyboard for travel, tactility, overall comfort, and key functionality. This keyboard choose exercise shall be taken seriously as, a keyboard that better suits your style will boost your productivity five fold and also keep your fingertips smiling.

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