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Drone X Pro Review: A Smart Drone at an Amazing Price

by Tech Desk
Drone X Pro

The Dronex Pro is from the Chinese brand Hyperstech. It is a precision engineered drone specially designed for easy flying. It is ideal to fly indoors and can also record action shots while on the move. The Dronex Pro is lightweight and has a foldable design and can be carried easily for any outdoor adventure trip or hike.

The Dronex Pro is extremely durable and is high tech yet affordable. It is ultraportable and features high-end flight performance and functionality. It has a range of flying modes and the flight controls are very precise and easy to handle. Here are some enviable features of the Dronex Pro:

  • It is a foldable drone where the propellers fold inwards to make the drone easy to carry.
  • It comes with a built- in pre-programmed camera shot like the boomerang, asteroid shot to give extremely high-quality professional footage at the click of a button.
  • HD photos and videos – It can take pictures up to 12 megapixels and record video in HD at 120 frames per second.
  • It can fly and the photograph of the film for up to 12 minutes without having to touch ground or change battery.
  • Slo-mo mode – It can replay all of your videos and pictures in high definition slow motion.
  • Panorama mode – It can easily capture 360-degree photographs from the air with just a click of a button.
  • It has a gravity sensor that can detect any obstacle or ground and automatically change the course of flying to avoid a collision.
  • It is the fastest drone of its size. At a speed of 12 meters per second and top transmission distance of 2km, the Dronex Pro is really fast.
  • It has some amazing features that make it easy and simple to fly and control.

The Dronex Pro can literally be packed up in your car and can be controlled through an app on your smartphone. A smart drone at a smart price the Dronex Pro fits your criteria of a good drone.

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