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Easy Cheats For Mobile Phone Games

by Arpita
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Mobile Phone Games

Mobile phone games are gaining an exponential pace of growth in terms of usage and popularity every single day and most of us are guilty of wailing away our spare times by indulging in a list of mobile phone games. Cheating on mobile phone game platform is not a criminal offense and it can be a fun thing indeed.


This augmented reality game has gained a lot of popularity since its release. One of the cheats for mobile games linked with Pokémon Go is the availability of spawns in parking lots. It is very likely that you will find many spawns (not the rare ones) in parking lots that are located near Poke Stops.


GTA is among the list of mobile phone games known for cheat codes. Some of the not very popular cheat code includes anicesetofwheels for invisible cars, booooooring for speeding up the game, ilikescotland for cloudy weather and ilovescotland for rainy weather. These cheat codes can help in making your gameplay more interesting.


This is an augmented reality game that involves moving from one place to another and performing missions that involve capturing portals, making links, fielding and so on. You can use a location jumper that could help you access portals that are not in your range and can perform various missions by just sitting in one place. This can be fun to do if done smartly. If your activities are very suspicious then Niantic labs will deactivate your account.


 In order to find the Yeti zombie in this game, you can use the following cheats for mobile phone games. You need to keep playing “adventure mode” over and over after completing it every time and you will end up finding the Yeti Zombie when you reach level 4 to level 10 mostly.


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