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What is Eka’s cloud platform? Know about this Digital Wonder

by Mukul Sharma
Eka's Cloud Platform

If you are an entrepreneur or own a business related to digital products then you should know about Eka ’s cloud. It is a powerful solution for all your digital needs. In fact, it’s one of the best solutions for those who would looking to improve their business process. This is mainly for the sales and supply chain parts. Additionally, you can also consider this for risk management and financial management.

How Can You Use Eka?? Is it Secure

It involves deep analytics and provides clear and better insights. Through this, you can easily get better visibility to make correct business decisions.

Additionally, it helps you to make quick decisions because it is made with a special technology . This tech is embedded deeply and gives actionable analytics. Eka cloud rapidly uses artificial intelligence along with ML.

The cloud found with Eka technology further makes it usable for the global clients. This means you can save your data over the safe and secure Eka cloud servers. In turn, it ensures that your data is 100% safe.

It is almost impossible for anyone to crack its security. Moreover, complete protection means that you need not worry about the security part.

Eka Cloud Platform

Let us check out further about Eka’s cloud here in this article so that you get a clearer picture about Eka’s cloud storage.

This is a trustworthy cloud platform which is built on Amazon web services. The latter is known for faster implementations with 50+ applications across many business platforms. Eka software solutions is one of the most popular global leaders in providing commodity management solutions. Therefore, it finally launched its cloud platform which is extensible. You can consider it to be a native platform that leverages block chain machine learning. It does so by using advanced analytics to make the trading and business workflows get automated.

Businesses It Supports

The cloud platform is suitable for almost all types of businesses including: –

  • agriculture
  • mining
  • metals
  • energy
  • other manufacturing markets.

Commodity business is the most dynamic business in which prices of the commodities keep changing on very short notice. The changes may be on a daily basis, but mostly are on an hourly basis. This makes the competition fierce and thus reduces the margin of the business owners.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that it saves time, energy and profit of the business owners. Earlier, they had to rely on the old manual systems. However, these are time consuming and also costly to maintain as it involves lots of physical factors.

Benefits of Eka ‘s Cloud Platform

To remain in the top position it is very necessary to tackle the new challenges resulting from technological advancement. So, secured cloud platforms and connected systems play a major role in handling these challenges which involve sophisticated systems, data and people.

Manav Garg
  1. These systems increase the value of data and further help the business to stay on the top positions. They do so by reducing the pressure and burden, by minimising the supply chain disruptions to enable better decisions.
  2. As mentioned above Eka’s platform is catering more than 50 apps of professional brands. These apps have made the complex operations simple without any manual intervention and making almost all the process automated. In fact this cloud platform is made for almost all types of commodity value chain from risk management to trading. You can also use these apps independently as well as with other connected multiple assets for providing scalability, flexibility and compared solutions.
  3. The best thing about Eka cloud platform is the open nature. This means it lets customers build new applications with minimal coding and technical knowledge.
  4. Manav Garg (CEO and founder of Eka software solutions) said that it is a revolutionising platform for the commodity management landscape, providing more flexibility and speed that automatically adapts itself according to the ever changing business environment. He further said that the clients who use this platform can expect a better and immediate return on their investments with seamless solutions.

Final Words

This is a simple solution to facilitate digitisation of the whole commodity industry. One can use it to connect stakeholders through the supply chain. Additionally, it also has the support of highly advanced analytics.

There are lots of satisfied customers who have now become regular users of Eka’s platform. They are fully convinced by this cloud platform.

Another benefit of using this cloud platform is that it gives better visibility of data. Despite this, it’s an isolated platform that is based on a robust foundation of connected data and APIs. The businesses can view the data at one place in just a few minutes and make a better decision on a quick basis.

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