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How are encapsulation technologies driving innovations?

by Meghashree Das

In most simple words, encapsulation is nothing but the process by which a material or different types of materials mixture is mixed before putting into a capsule and delivering into a system. This technology is called encapsulation technology. Now the question arises that why it is done so and what is the need for it, also, how Encapsulation Technologies are driving innovations.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about Encapsulation technologies, and we shall try to find out how this technology is helping in driving innovation. So, let’s get started:

Why it is important?

This technology plays a significant role in protecting and stabilizing the oxidizable substrates. These  Oxidizable substrates include fats and oils, along with this, it also helps in converting liquid ingredients into convenient powder formats.   

If we talk about the food industry, then this industry prefers the use of ingredients of particular types. This unique ingredient includes micro and non encapsulated oils. These ingredients are the preferred and attractive alternative because it is much better to mix things rather than to directly incorporate the sensitive oils into manufactured food products.

How are Encapsulation technologies driving Innovations?

One of the most important reasons that why encapsulation technologies are driving the innovation is the fact that now customer wants more varieties. They are just not ready for the direct intake of capsules and tablets. They are currently looking for More tasty, more convenient, fitting more into their lifestyle products. Things like liquid shots and dietary supplements (gels), ready to drink powders, are fashionable and trendy needs.

Therefore, the different companies are working on this new technology and are trying to manufacture things according to the customer’s demand. Many of the nutritionist and biggies of big brands had a say in this. They also agreed on the same thing that there is a continuous interest around new formats in all the space, especially the sports. Nothing in the last few years has seen as much increase as in these new formats that have a more natural positioning.

One of the main reasons for Encapsulation technologies is because of EFA health claims. But the reason why Sports race is not able to evolve much is that you become somewhat specific limited in terms of functional health claims you can do ingredients.

Modern nutritional science is also helping in the advancing and innovations of encapsulation technologies. They are doing research and providing more information, and the information is basically about the functions and mechanisms of individual food components. The research done on the specific food supplements is done by keeping two things in mind health promotion or disease demotion.  

There is an advanced solution

The advancement of encapsulation technology has led the customers to enjoy food that is not appealing and good looking but equally healthy and full of nutrition as well. These advancements have also helped in bringing some old technologies like fermentation, extraction, and very great encapsulation.

Modern technology has helped to take these old technologies to a new level. These evolutions have revolutionized the way foods are created, and the content is now equally more critical as the outer look of food.

It is also essential to put in mind that the customer does not only concentrates on what did they get, but the way it is delivered is also fundamental. Therefore, industries take genuine care in providing the products too. And that is why the companies and brands are looking for more new ways to differentiate. And one of the things that can make you stand in a noisy category is technological claims and bioavailability advancement. It gives you a competitive edge, and this is why encapsulation technologies are becoming much more accessible.

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