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Facebook and Twitter have now stopped giving information to Hong Kong Government

by Aditi Singh
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Facebook and Twitter, and Google said on Monday that they have stopped giving information about users being sought by the Hong Kong government after the Chinese security law came into force. A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. We support the right to speak for oneself without any fear for the safety of the people.

Facebook and Twitter Has Given statement

Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp have already made it clear that they will not accept the request of users data from the Hong Kong government. Twitter said, ‘Twitter is concerned about freedom of expression. We are committed to protecting the freedom of expression of the users.

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Social media companies say they are assessing the implications of the security law, which prohibits what Beijing sees as separatist, subversive or terrorist activities or foreign interference in the city’s internal affairs. A Google spokesperson said, “Last Wednesday, when the law came into force, we prohibited the release of any new data from Hong Kong authorities. We will continue to review the details of the new law.

TikTok also stopped services in Hong Kong

TikTok said in a statement that in view of recent activities, it has decided to stop its services in Hong Kong. Under this National Security Act, which came into force in Hong Kong last week, the police have wide powers, under which they will be allowed to take all other actions including searching without a warrant, preventing suspects from leaving the city and disrupting communication.

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