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Facebook and YouTube is Killing our productive time; Here’s how you can avert distraction

by TechMobi Desk

People in India spend a hefty of their precious time on Facebook and YouTube. Both platforms are very useful and have become the chief source of our everyday entertainment. However, their increasing addiction is becoming a matter of concern. Most of the time, we realize this thing that we are wasting our time but could not close the app. In such a situation, we are here telling you about settings that will help you in reducing your time on these two apps.


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Facebook in 2018 brought new features for people to manage their time on Facebook and Instagram. This includes setting limits on the activity dashboard, daily reminders and new notifications. If you are also spending a lot of time on the Facebook app and want to control it, then you can do so using the Daily Reminders tool.

  • Open Facebook App and click on the Menu Icon.
  • After that scroll down and click on the Settings and Privacy option.
  • In the Preferences section, click on the Your Time on Facebook option.
  • Swipe left and click on Set Daily Time Reminder.
  • After this, turn on the toggle of Daily Time Reminder by swiping the left side.
  • After this, set the time according to how many minutes or hours you want the notification alert.


Similar settings can be done on YouTube as well.

  • Open YouTube App and tap on the profile icon available on the top right corner of the screen.
  • From here, go to the settings.
  • Select the General option in the settings menu.
  • Now, enable the toggles-  Remind me to take a brake and Remind me when it’s bedtime. You can choose the brake time as per your requirement.
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