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Top FMCG Industry Trends & Innovations in 2021

by Meghashree Das

The FMCG industry is going through a critical change right now. With a lot of transformations which are being rolled out, in response to the demand for better convenience, these industries are leading their way to the top. The COVID 19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and this is why a lot of sustainable solutions for product development and packaging have been disrupted. But as customer experience is improving, better processes of digitalisation are being implemented from all around to ioffer better experience and gain a more competitive edge. 

Proper innovations that are being mapped out for the FMCG Sector

For in-depth research on the top fmcg industry we have analysed the sample of 3.011 global startup and investments. The process of this research is to understand the innovation that has been handled with the use of intelligence and method driven strategic decision making. These emerging technologies and startups in the fmcg industry are being powered with the help of big data and artificial intelligence. A lot of sectors are covered globally with the help of technological advancements that have been made. The platform quickly delivers an exhaustive overview of emerging technologies in today’s world. In this section we will find out the top trending habits in the fmcg business that is going to change the sector by 2021. 

Global Startup Heat Map covers 3.011 FMCG Startups 

The global startup highlights the global distribution of 3.011 exemplary startups. We can analyse most of the companies that have been formed previously and this year as well. Below you can get 28 of this 3.011 promising startups in scaleups. These amazing startups have found their criteria to provide for the customers’ needs and association. For a long time these startups have been on the way catering to the specific needs and topics that might look entirely different. 

Top 10 FMCG Industry Trends in 2021


One of the most variant trends in the fmcg business is sustainability. Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the product that they are using these days. Because of climate change and its impact on the environment consumers are making sure that the products that they are having are eco friendly. Additionally, most of the companies are going for cruelty free vegan ingredients that might be the rising trend for cosmetics and cleaning products. 

Focusing on consumer experience

Another thing which is happening in the world of the fmcg market is the demand for convenience increasing for companies to significantly improve their customer experience. Startups have started employing augmented reality and virtual reality to make products more engaging and interactive with their customers. 3d videos and gamification of their products are providing a means to engage their customers and also help them to be entertained by the information shared. A lot of companies out there are focusing on advanced trends that can bring a proper solution for customers to buy their products through personalised messages and communication. 


Startups are engaging with their customers and digitalization is the main way to go about it. Digitalization is increasingly becoming a priority for fmcg brands as customers are interacting with multiple online and offline channels. Companies have access to valuable data from multiple sources that can help them to please the customers directly with the use of engagement platforms and mobile applications. Integrating digital technology is not only your prayers and omni-channel presence but also converts one time buyers into repeat customers. 

  1. Fmcg e-commerce

The e-commerce practices for businesses are going online and increasing at an exponential rate. It has further shifted to shopping habits towards online channels and also helping the customers to get to know about the brand. Brands are now building your online presence to boost their engagement with consumers. Also on the other hand social media is playing a vital role for the e-commerce industry such as instagram, facebook or even twitter.

2. Big Data & Analytics

Big data and analytics is actually a proper leverage for the fmcg environment. The data is becoming more and more accessible with consumers who are shopping online. Big data is helping people to explore their preferences and also on the other hand to find out their behaviour pattern while buying for deeper understanding of customer habits. On one hand it is optimising communication across all channels and offering more personalized experiences. Big startups such as chinese belated technology are coming hand-in-hand to provide proper relief.

3. Artificial intelligence

Let us talk about artificial intelligence. Ai powered solutions such as machine learning and natural language processing units are gaining popularity over the market. A lot of customers for instance are relying on voice based system support consumers round the clock. On one hand it is providing personalized solutions for product suggestions. On the other hand it is even automating system support for smooth and personalized marketing. Artificial intelligence for virtual assistants have increased consumer engagement to about 200%. It is helping every group to get back together to a proper environment with the use of proper customisation. 

4. Direct distribution

Another system which is making a clear comeback is the direct distribution. Direct distribution is helping fmcg companies leverage customer loyalty and ensure proper growth. On one hand manufacturers are directly interacting with their customers through online and offline channels of distribution. And on the opposite hand it is also increasing the profit margin for all the favourite brands out there.


These are the growing trends in the FMCG market that are going to cross over, and help every single business out there to practice the art of marketing with uniqueness and creativity. With a promising future tomorrow, we are about to see a proper rise in the sector and an indication that is going to help every single marketer to come through. 

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