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Four Best 2 Player Mobile Phone Games

by Nitin Sinha
2 Player Mobile Phone Games

A key reason as to why games appeal to a large section of the society is because they provide people with the opportunity to compete either with each other or with an AI. The more competitive a game is, the more entertaining it is considered. Recently 2 player mobile phone games have become quite popular among the gamer community. The game allows players to compete against each other anywhere and anytime. This article highlights my list of the 4 best 2 player mobile phone games.

Glow Hockey 2
This is one of the classic 2 devices mobile game where players can compete against each other either on a single device or on 2 different devices. The game follows the same concept as air hockey where players move paddles on the screen to shoot a puck into the opponent’s goal. The game has well-developed graphics and techno music that serve to ensure the players are extremely immersed in the gaming experience.

This is another classic 2 players mobile phone game. In the game, one player tries to guess a word selected by the second player. The second player provides a hint of what the word might be by revealing a letter from the word and the number of letters in the word. The game has cute graphics and is very engaging and fun.

Spaceteam is a classic 2 device mobile phone game. It is a party game where players give directions to the player who has control of the space ship. The aim of the game is for other players to help each other in navigating with the space ship.

Ludo King
Ludo King is a classic multiplayer board game where two or more players move their colored token based on dice throw results. The game is highly competitive and its developers have utilizes stunning graphics to ensure that players are hooked to it. It is a must-have for anyone who has ever plaid the classic hoard game.

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