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Future Tech Computer – Arriving Optical Computers Soon!

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What are Optical Computers?

The PCs we use today use transistors and semiconductors to control power. PCs of things to come may use gems and metamaterials to control light. Optical PCs utilize light particles called photons. NASA researchers are attempting to tackle the requirement for PC speed utilizing light.

Optical Computer is for sure the PC innovation of future tech computer which uses light particles called Photons. This post will talk about Optical Computer, Optical Components required for calculation, why we need it, its working standard, points of interest and inconveniences. A gadget that utilizations Photons or Infrared bars, rather than an electric flow, for its advanced calculations is named as a Photonic or Optical Computer.

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What is the features of future tech computer – Optical?

The progression of electric flow is just 10 percent of the speed of light. This postures serious limitations on long separation information transmission. Such confinements brought about the advancement of optical fiber. By applying the upsides of IR systems or potentially obvious light at the segment and gadget scale, a PC (Optical Computer) can be built up that has multiple times more preparing force than customary frameworks.

In contrast to electric flow, IR shafts and unmistakable light can go through one another without cooperation. A few laser shafts can be anticipated in order to cross their way, yet the bars will have no obstruction notwithstanding when they are bound to two measurements.


Principle Optical Components in Optical future tech Computer

The principle Optical parts required for processing in an Optical Computer are:

  • VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Micro Laser)
  • Spatial Light Modulators
  • Optical Logical Gates
  • Smart Pixels

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What is VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Micro Laser)?

VCSEL is a semiconductor Micro Laser Diode that produces light vertically from the surface. It essentially changes over the Electrical Signal to Optical Signal. It is the best case of one-dimensional Photonic Crystal.


What is Spatial Light Modulators?

Spatial Light Modulators are in charge of balancing the force and the period of the Optical bar. They are utilized in Holographic Data Storage frameworks as they encode the data into a laser bar.


What is Optical Logic Gates?

An Optical Logic Gate is only an Optical Switch that controls the light bars. It is said to be “ON” when the gadget transmits light and “OFF” when the gadget hinders the light.


What are Brilliant Pixels?

Brilliant Pixels help Optical Systems with large amounts of Electronic Signal Processing.




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