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Gaming Addiction, Way to get rid of Video Game Addiction

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As the name suggests here in this article we would be discussing about Gaming Addiction and the path to Detox.

What is Addiction

While addiction is related with more of substance abuse like drugs or alcohol. Doctors recognize addictive behaviours as well.

As per psychiatrist Michael Brody,MD the definition of addiction sets forth the following criteria:

  • The person needs more and more of a substance or behaviour to keep him going on.
  • In the absence of the substance or behavior, he / she becomes irritable and miserable.

WHO : World Health Organisation, recognised Gaming Addiction as a health issue in late 2018.

As per a doctor compulsive gaming meets this criteria and the same severe withdrawal symptoms have been observed in gaming addicts. They become angry, violent or depressed. If parents or anyone takes away their computer, children sit in the corner crying, refusing to eat, sleep and do any asked daily routine activities.

Visible Signs of Gaming Addiction

As per the Center for Online Addiction, warning signs for Video Game Addiction include:

  • Playing games for extensive amounts of time that are not suitable for health.
  • Thinking about gaming during other activities
  • Use of gaming to escape real life problems, anxiety and depression
  • Habitual Lying to near and dear ones to conceal gaming and
  • Feeling uncomfortable while trying to cut down on gaming.

How to get rid of Video Game Addiction

Treating video game addiction is similar to other addictions, with one difference. Computers are an integral part of our daily life be it personal or the professional one. Gaming addiction is just like a food addiction. So, alike Food Addiction where you have to learn to live with food, video gaming addicts can’t avoid computers, they need to use them responsibly.

It doesn’t interpret that no gaming in total. But limit the gaming hours per day under supervision.

The key behind Gaming Addiction is to show gamers that how powerless they are in front of their addiction and then show them what “Real life excitement is as opposed to the online excitement”.

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