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Here in this article we would be listing the top Gaming Companies of the world.

As per the Technavio analysts, the Global Online Gaming Market, is expected to reach USD 46.61 billion by 2020, with a CAGR of 12%.

CAGR : Compound Annual Growth Rate

Online gaming is emerging as one of the most lucrative businesses when it comes to the entertainment industry. This transition from consoles to digital platforms is the reason behind the industry creating a fund dedicated to gaming-GAMR.

Below is the list

  • Microsoft

Gaming Companies - Techmobi

A reckoning force in the gaming world. It has some of the coolest games on offer on online gaming platform. Its Xbox Live, in beginning was not liked by industry analysts, but today the company holds a dominant position when it comes to the core gamer market, thereby making it one of the world’s largest online gaming companies.

It has a net worth of USD 402.6 Billion.

Apart from coming up with updates for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games with Gold releases for January 2018, Microsoft is developing a new big-budget Fable game, as per the insider reports.

  • Tencent

Gaming Companies - Techmobi

This Chinese video gaming giant has earned for itself the distinction of being the largest gaming company in the world. It is also on the top position in terms of revenue, when it comes to world’s top most online gaming companies.

Tencent gets the credit for bringing China’s local games onto the global platform, apart from being the supporter for one of the most successful game MOBA League of the Legends.

It has a net worth of USD 197.4 Billion.

More recently, the firm signed a deal with the Danish toy maker Lego to develop online games, like Lego Boost (also a part of the deal) – a building and coding set that enables children to convert their brick creations into more real life moving objects.


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