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Have Fun With These 4 Best Mobile Phone Quiz Games

by Nitin Sinha
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Mobile Phone Quiz Games

Quiz games and trivia games have dominated the media for quite some time now. All the quiz games which you see on TVs have certainly not only increased the IQ level but has also entertained a lot of people. All these TV shows which we see has now come to our mobile phones. The mobile phone quiz games work exactly like the TV version except you have to answer the questions given on the screen. The quality mobile phone games are providing are just amazing and you can thoroughly enjoy it.

Let us see some of the best mobile phone quiz games:
1. 94%: It is a very fun game where you need to guess the 94% of the answers to any given question. It will give you a scenario and you have to choose the answers for those scenarios. It is based on the show Family Feud. It has so many questions and you will certainly not feel bored playing this game.

2. HQ Trivia: This is one quality mobile phone games. It includes all the graphics like a real game with a real host. You have to answer the questions given on the screen and then you will be awarded prize money. The game is available on app store and you can download it for free.

3. Logo game: This is one of the most interesting mobile phone quiz game. It is a simple guessing game where you need to guess the things appearing on the screen. With every level, you cross the difficulty level increases and is a very fun game.

4. Millionaire Trivia and Jeopardy World: It is an official game like the millionaire game you watch on TV. The game includes amazing graphics just like the show and lets you answer many questions just like how it goes in the show.


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