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Top 10 Headphones under Rs.5, 000/- in India 2020

by Satish

Headphones have become part of our lives today. You can see young and old using headphones while at home or while traveling. Most people listen to music while placing headphones in their ears. The places that do not allow loud music or loud noise can be the best places to use headphones. The wireless headphones help you to enjoy music with comfort and also allow your hands-free movements.

Wired headphones are now replaced with wireless, compact-sized headphone that offers high sound quality and are available under Rs.5, 000/- in India 2020.

The list given below shows the best quality headphones with advanced features at a reasonable cost. 

10 Best Headphones under Rs. 5, 000 Rupees in India 2020

1. Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT

Sennheiser HD 440 BT

• Supports Bluetooth 4.0 

• Built-in Microphone

• Hands-free Movements

• Use of NFC technology

• Vibrant bass

• Playback time of 25 hours 

• Technology used is codec aptX 

• Charging time4 hours

The pair Sennheiser HD headphones look elegant and offer powerful sound. The wireless technology that supports ergonomically design ear pads comforts your ears while you enjoy music for long hours. The advanced technology codec aptX is most reliable. The wireless freedom that is powered by Sennheiser drivers with Sennheiser HD 4.40BT is the best feature of the headphone. The black design and well-balanced music with vibrant bass allow you to have a good time while you study, exercise, or drive the car. Easy control, glitch-free, and integrated microphone make the headphone an excellent product with well-fitted ear-cups. You will enjoy it once you place it on your ear.

2. Skullcandy Hesh 3

Skullcandy Hesh 3

• Bluetooth & Dual Mode connectivity

• In-built microphone

• Wireless device

• Active b

• Playback time of 22 hours of

• Charging time of 2 hours 

• Fast charging facility

• Noise-cancellation

• Audio drivers of 40mm

The Skullcandy Hesh 3headphone is a powerful set of brand technology that connects Bluetooth and streams music of different formats. The long-lasting battery life, strong and active bass makes you enjoy the music of your choice all day long. The headphone fits well on your ear without any issue and offers you wireless hands-free movement while you engage in your work. The battery is made of lithium metal material and it can last for 22 hours, offering you 22 hours of non-stop services. The noise cancellation option and 40 mm drivers help in amplifying the sound which remains powerful. The quick-charging feature can charge your mobile for 90 minutes in just 5 minutes.

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3. Sony WH-CH 400

Sony WH CH 400

• Supported by NFC 

• Battery life is of 20 hours

• Structure is of plastic

• Color options

• Drivers used are of 30mm 

• Inbuilt microphone

Sony WH-CH is one of the best headphones available in your budget. Sony products are the most reliable and offer the best services for a long duration. The headphone is of high-quality with an inbuilt microphone and uses drivers of 30 mm. The superior quality plastic used to design sleek and polished headphones with rounded comfortable earbuds that fit well in the ear. The wireless technique gets rid of trapping wire while listening to music. The headphones are available in four different colors such as blue, red, black, and grey with an eye-catching design. It is a perfect product with commanding sound quality, noise cancellation option, and powerful bass that makes the product unique.

4. Tagg Powerbase 700

Tagg Powerbase 700

• Battery capacity is 500mAh 

• Battery life of 14 hours

• Plastic structure

• Drivers of 40mm 

• Built-in microphone

Tagg is a well-reputed company that has been offering services in the audio industry. The headphone that is available under Rs.5, 000 is worth buying and offers satisfactory services to the users. The branded headphone with powerbase is elegantly designed in black color. The plastic structure and the cushioning provided around its sides make it most comfortable while using it for longer hours. The speaker unit is divided into three parts and it is most convenient while listening to music. The headphones have a soft-touch button to control volume and the power connection. The reliable battery of 500 mAh capacity can keep the headphone charged for 14 hours nonstop.

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5. Event Moksha

Event Moksha

• Battery life of 30 hours

• Made of plastic structure

• Dual-mode

• Drivers of 40mm 

• In-built microphone

Event Moksha headphones offer multiple services and various options. It can be used for connecting other devices while playing music. The high-quality plastic is used in designing the black colored headphones.  It remains one of the powerful devices for enjoying music for long hours. The earcups can be angled into 90 degrees that helps DJ’s to use the single earcup when required. The flexible headphones can be adjusted according to the length required. It also allows the USB port to be used for charging which can offer a battery life of 30 hours. The noise cancellation button reduces the noise by 85%. The headphone has AUX port used for non-Bluetooth devices.

6. Logitech H600

Logitech H600

• Allows Alert system using a voice assistant

• Offers IOS, Windows and Android compatibility

• Powerful audio quality

• Supports Bluetooth 2.1

• Compact & lightweight

• Foldable design

The Logitech H600 headphone is light in weight, flexible, and compact in design. The headphone is designed mainly for the people who love to play games.  Because of its laser H600 technology, it offers the best sound solutions.  The noise cancellation option allows the in-built microphone to produce rich quality sound that most users enjoy listening for a long duration. Headphones get connected to the Bluetooth and stream all types of music from other devices. The wireless headphones are easy to use with hands-free movements. The IOS, Windows, and Android compatibility and the battery made of lithium-ion make a powerful combination that offers 3 hours of battery backup and 7 hours of playback time.

7. SONY WH-CH510


• Battery life of 35 hours

• Charging for 4.5 hours 

• Support alert system technique with voice assistant

• High compatibility with IOS, Windows, and Android

• Superior sound quality

• Connecting Bluetooth 5.0

• Light in weight 

• Foldable flexy design

SONY WH-CH510 is another popular model of Sony that offers a headphone with long battery life and superior quality sound system.  The look and design of the headphone are unique and completely different. The headphone is available in light blue, white, and black in colors with flexible and foldable design. The stylish headphones are light in weight and flexible in design that always gets all the attention while you use it. The connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 keeps the headphone in use for a long time while you play the music. The wireless connectivity is most ideal for people who like to listen to songs, music, or radio programs while working or driving.

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8. Audio-Technica

Audio Technica

• Battery life of 70 hours

• Charging for 4 hours 

• Uses alert system & voice assistant

• IOS, Windows, and Android compatibility

• High-quality audio 

• Bluetooth connections

• Compact & insubstantial design

• Easy to fold design

The Audio-Technica wireless headphone has a pure quality sound with crystal clear audio effects. 40 mm audio driver with a structure of dual-layers isolation makes the headphone of exceptional class. The 30 cm charging cable allows charging the phone for 4 hours and that offers a battery life of 70 hours. The grey and white colored headphone with perfect foldable design can be easily carried in the pocket. The headphone can stream the songs of your choice after connecting the Bluetooth. The comfy earbuds fit well in the ear and offer a good time. You will definitely love the look, feel, and sound quality of the headphone that can entertain you for 70 nonstop hours.

9. Plantronics BackBeat

Plantronics BackBeat

• Battery life of 18 hours 

• Charging for 3 hours 

• Supports voice assistant

• Works on IOS, Windows, and Android

• Powerful audio quality

• Connectivity with Bluetooth 4.1 

• Slender design

• Flexible design

Plantronics BackBeat is the best headphone available under Rs.5, 000/- in the market today. The cool design of the headphone is available in light grey and green color. The headphone with superb quality sound that is supported by 40 mm audio drivers and wireless soft comfortable earcups which can fit well in the ear.  The 18 hours of battery life provides the best entertainment to users with hands-free movements. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to use the headphone for gaming options. 3.5 mm audio jack connectivity allows other devices to be connected while playing music. The dual option allows you to connect to different devices to be connected while enjoying the music.

10. Jabra Move Stereo

Jabra Move Stereo

• Battery life of 14 hours 

• Charging for 3 hours 

• Supports alert system 

• Uses voice assistant

• Supports IOS, Windows, and Android systems

• Rich sound quality

• Connects Bluetooth 4.0

• Dual connectivity

• Flexible & Foldable

The Jabra Move Stereo is the last and the best choice of the list which is available under Rs.5000/- in India 2020.  The use of Bluetooth makes it easy to access music from other devices. It can be connected to other devices such as mobile, laptop, tablet, or TV. The Bluetooth is compatible with operating systems like android, ios, and windows. It can stream music for long hours. The audio cable of 3.5 mm can be used for external connectivity. The headphone offers 8 hours of battery life and 12 days of standby time. The headphone is made of high-quality plastic material which is compact in size and foldable in design.

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Bottom Line:

The headphones have become a necessity than a luxury. You can make use of headphones while listening to music or your favorite songs or radio or TV shows. The wireless technology and long-lasting battery have made it easy for us to use the headphone either at home or office or while doing yoga or driving. The high-quality headphones are available under Rs.5000/- in Indian markets in 2020.

Check the list of the best headphones available in India 2020 at a reasonable price and choose the one that suits your needs today.

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