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Here Are 4 Things To Know About DSLR Camera Basics

by Nitin Sinha
DSLR Camera

Photography is an amazing art. There is so much to the device you use as much it is there to the art itself. A good DSLR purchase can be the beginning of a whole new career or a great hobby. Let us take a look in to the most important things to know if you are looking for a DSLR camera buy.


ISO is used to measure the sensitivity of the camera to light. It is a very important factor when it comes to camera basics. The values of ISO can range from 100 to 6400 (low to high sensitivity) when the sensitivity is set to low; you need more light in order to reach the exposure levels that are required whereas in high sensitivity settings lesser light is required.


After your camera buy you need to thoroughly learn about the shooting modes that are available in your particular device. Various modes that are usually seen include auto, Tv, Av, P, etc. these modes will help you decide each and every aspect of the shot you are wanting to capture. Various settings like exposure, shutter speed, and aperture can be controlled.


The concept of exposure triangle links the three important factors of a camera that are ISO, shutter speed as well as the aperture. These factors are convergent and are dependent on each other which is the first important thing to know in camera basics. One should be able to analyze how the change in one of these factors affects the others.


It is needless to stress on the importance of ‘focusing’ in photography. Unless you know how to properly fix a focus you will not be able to capture a proper photograph. DSLRs these days come with many automatic focusing options that can be turned on and off. Different modes of auto-focus such as single and continuous modes are found in modern cameras.



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