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Here Is Giving You Four Free Mobile Phone Camera Apps

by Nitin Sinha
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It is needless to say that mobile applications make our smartphones more desirable and interesting. Most people who use smartphones love capturing nice moments on their phones and these mobile phone camera apps are sure to make your photography experience even better in every way possible.



This mobile phone camera app is super-functional and very light at the same time. It is completely free and there are no in-app ads which is a very advantageous feature. It supports various features such as different scene modes, HD video, Automatic stabilization and so on that will make your photography experience so much better.


This app is famous for its cute and interesting colour-themed filters that make your shots very interesting. It is one of the best mobile phone apps to download for people who love capturing selfies. There are various tools and functions that help in enhancing the features of your face and you can adjust the colour schemes also quite easily either by changing the filters or manually changing the hue and saturation.


This app is undoubtedly one of the best mobile phone apps for photography available on the market presently. It almost gives you the experience like using a DSLR with all the professional features that help you set the ISO, shutter speed and many more factors. The premium version of this app has to be bought and it has even more exciting features than the free version.


This is a good mobile phone camera app to download if you are looking for “Photoshop-like” features. It has various functions like reshaping, smoothening and many more. This again is an app mainly focused on selfie-lovers because of its interesting selfie options and features. It is more of like a face enhancing type of camera than a professional one and is best suited for less-professional purposes.



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