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Here We’re Giving You 4 Best Mobile Phone Indie Games

by Nitin Sinha
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Mobile Phone Indie Games

Do you ever wonder why some games become more famous than others especially the ones with strange backgrounds, physical settings and those with interesting game choices? Those are famously called indie games. A bit different from your usual style of gaming. We curated a list of the top 4 best mobile phone indie games you will love. Following are the recommendations:

  1. Donut County – Donut County is a strange app/game where you get to be a literal hole! You get to start as a small hole and get to eat different objects with different targets. As the levels progress, you get to become bigger and better a hole! The background has chirpy music and the storyline is random. Try this winner amongst the fun indie mobile phone games in android. It’s free!
  2. Chuchel: Another interesting yet weird charter on best mobile phone indie game names is chuchel. This game is truly indie but bizarre. The characters are rather naughty with their design and character on the games and you get to drag each of them around and play.
  3. Florence: Ever wondered what a great story would look like on a mobile phone game in android phone? Look no more. It is here. You become a part of a storytelling adventure where a girl and a guy get to work on their relationship, and you get to play around with their fights and flirtations. Interesting game and definitely a worth try. Don’t let us tell you everything and spoil the suspense.
  4. Rusty Lake Paradise: Rusty lake paradise has become famous because of its goth and dark styled physical setting. It is a puzzle game and one where one thing leads to another. You keep hooked onto the game because of its music and store composition. The brain keeps motivated to go on as one secret after another is revealed. Go ahead and enjoy the thrilling drama!



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