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Here We’re Giving You Four Best Mobile HD Wallpaper Apps

by Arpita
HD Wallpaper

We do a lot of things to make our mobile phones look interesting. Setting a beautiful mobile phone HD wallpapers for your screen is one such thing. It will make your phone pop wherever you go. Here are some of the top mobile phone HD wallpapers apps.


This is a live wallpaper app that can make your screen look beautiful. Your pictures are rotated on your home screen and it looks really interesting. You can either choose pictures from your phone gallery or mobile phone list or select the images from the collection available on Muzei. The historical art pieces available on Muzei are so beautiful and are completely free.


Abstruct is quite a recent app and has a set of images created with abstract colors and patterns. They are very interesting and are available in 4k resolution. You can find the entire one plus mobile phone HD wallpapers on this app as it is designed by the same designer. The standard version is free whereas you have to pay for the premium version.


It is known mainly for its 4K and UHD wallpapers. This app consists of a wide collection having more than 80,000 mobile phone HD wallpapers across various categories. This app auto-adjusts the resolution of the wallpaper according to your screen and makes it fit perfectly. There are ads on this platform which is quite annoying but other than that it is a great app.


This app is quite unique and has a collection of artworks from various artists. You can find a lot of abstract wallpapers, ones with themes and wordings and so on. There is proper categorizing of all the wallpapers that make your work very easy. Payments can also be made in order to support the artists and creator which is pretty great.

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