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How Cell Phone Word Games Can Improve Your Vocabulary?

by Nitin Sinha
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In today’s world where kids are increasingly using google and the internet to do their homework and assignments, it is without a doubt that playing cell phone word games with friends can be both fun and good for their vocabulary. Some ways in which games better vocab are as follows:

1. Good For Focus
Cell phone word games can be good for children who have a hard time focusing in class. Because games are informal and are centered around the user’s comfort, they can deliver knowledge to children much faster than conventional and traditional teaching methods.

2. Good To Build Strategies
Children often learn more when they have interactive visuals to refer to. Cell phone word games with friends can mean different strategies, pictures, videos and interactive designs that would have a lasting impression on the mind.

3. Team Work Helps Memory
As opposed to boring reading black and white books, cell phone games with friends can leave happy memories of the team work in the child’s mind. This can lead to the child remembering the memory and the words associated with that project.

4. Helps Brain Activity
One clear advantage of playing cell phone games with friends to learn vocab is that the interactive design of games push the human brain to become more active and proactive to change in the game interface. It makes the brain more receptive to new knowledge to help adapt to change game situations.



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