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How To Buy A Camera Battery? Know Here

by Nitin Sinha
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There are two ways you can buy a camera battery – one is by buying the battery recommended and certified by the camera brands you use, and the other is by buying third-party camera batteries i.e. buying batteries compatible with your camera but not necessary of the same brand. Here is a review of why buying a camera battery that is certified by the camera brand manufacturer is important –

  1. Exploding batteries – The number one scare for uncertified batteries from black markets that come for cheap is the fear of them exploding or not living up to their guarantee timelines. It can be hard to send them back for a check or get a return on your money. Only trust certified brands.
  2. Battery upgrades – Some batteries may use software for upgrades but those won’t be available easily or those that come from a cheap black market for duplicates will not support such a feature. A total money loss.
  3. Compromised battery life – It should come as no surprise is the battery on a cheap product dies faster than what is guaranteed.

Therefore, keeping in light the issues we just talked about, how does someone go about buying a camera battery? The easy and right way. To start with, do some online market research about the products that are compatible with your camera and available for shipping to your location. Once you figure out and zero in on a product, make sure it is a certified product by a camera battery manufacturer under the right standards. Check its online reviews by customers. Before you buy the product, ask to see labels and warranty papers. Once you have the assurance that you need, proceed and buy the product. Happy camera battery shopping!




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