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Learn How To Download YouTube Videos

by Mukul Sharma
YouTube video download

There are lots of ways to download YouTube videos as there hundreds of online and offline converters available which can do the job easily. Some are paid and some offer their services for free.  Most of them are either browser-based or ask you to download their app or install software program but to download any YouTube video it is not necessary to download anything or install any app because you can get the video for offline use as this is the best way to watch them anytime or in case you do not have internet access especially when you travel or stay a place where internet is not available or unstable.

Downloading YouTube videos is also a good option if you have a limited mobile internet plan as you can download when you have the Wi-Fi access and use later.

In fact, YouTube itself lets you download the videos but there is only one problem, you can download them in the YouTube app or website in your account which means that the downloaded content cannot be used without its app. There is nothing to worry about there are plenty of tools that can be used to get YouTube videos on your device irrespective of its brand and operating system.

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Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

Y2 mate youtube video

YouTube videos have copyright attached to them and it is against the terms of YouTube policy to download its videos without consent. It allows you to stream them from their servers but not allow you to download them until you want to download your videos. 

It only requires an internet connection and a compatible device to download the videos for free from YouTube.

Here, we have shortlisted the best third-party tools that can help you to get YouTube videos for FREE!

Y2mate Video Downloader

This is one of the best online convertors that allows you to download videos from YouTube without any hassle and it is available for FREE. It is an easy to use tool which allows fast conversion and downloading to MP3 format without any annoying ads. The conversion can be done even for the whole playlist. It can be used on Android, Linux, Windows and Apple Mac OS.

Just follow the below simple steps to convert any YouTube video

Step1: Open any browser then visit Youtube and this online convertor

Step 2: After you open the above two sites search the video you wish to download and copy its URL

Step3: Once the URL is copied you only require to paste this in the search box of the convertor and click the start button

Step 4: It will take only a few seconds to process the video

Step 5: Congrats! Your video is ready to download that you can instantly save on your PC, laptop or smartphone.

320Youtube Online Video to MP3 convertor

320Youtube.com is an easy to use online convertor that allows fast conversion and downloading to MP3 format without any registration or annoying ads. It is an online convertor that lets you download Videos to Mp3 without downloading any app or software and the best part is that it is free to use.

It is completely safe and free to use as it uses SSL encryption that makes it completely safe to download the video without wasting much time of yours.

This is a browser-based tool that can be used on any modern device or platform like Android smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, Phablet, Windows PC, laptop, Apple Mac with any operating system.

This is the simplest tool that lets you convert and download any number of videos anytime, anywhere till the time you have an internet connection and a compatible device to access this convertor. 

The process of converting videos from YouTube is easy and simple, all you have to do is select the video which you want to download and copy the URL.

This tool will take only a few seconds to convert and download the video. You can get a video in just a few clicks!

Here are the simple steps to download YouTube videos in MP3 format

Step 1: Visit YouTube on your device browser that could be a smartphone or PC

Step 2: Select the video which you would like to convert and download in MP3 format

Step 3: After you have opened the video just copy the URL of this video

Step 4: In the next tab open www.320youtube.com online convertor and paste the copied URL in the search box

Step 5: After pasting the URL click on the convert icon then video processing will start

Step 6: In a few seconds video will be converted and after the successful conversion, a button will display to download the MP3 file.

Step 7: This is the last step to the download file, simply click on the download button and save the file at your device storage

You should wisely choose the right tool to convert to download the videos as many converting tools and apps try to infect your smartphone or computer. These tools may also ask you to download their software for converting the videos to MP3 which is not necessary.

But it is not true this convertor as it never asks you to provide any personal details or create a login so, without registering yourself you can convert and download unlimited videos effortlessly as the process of converting is very simple and easy.

Unlike other convertors you do not get annoyed with ads here and it loads quickly even in a mobile browser without consuming much internet bandwidth. You do not even have to make changes in the URL. Just copy and paste the URL and convert the file you wish to download.

It uses the most advanced servers and technology to do the processing and lets you download 

video from YouTube and gives you the rich MP3 song in 320kbps. 

The fastest way to download YouTube video

If you immediately want to download YouTube video and looking for the fastest way then all you have to do is open YouTube and then play the video you like to download then simply add “ss” in against YouTube URL it will redirect you to Savefrom.net convert where you can directly download the video instantly.

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