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India’s 4G Availability just keeps rising

by Satish
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There are a number of companies available in the country that provide telephone, mobile, and 3G/4G internet services. There are several networks available in India that can provide the telephone, mobile, and internet services to the people. Let us discuss some of the most useful networks in India.

BSNL & Vodafone 4G Networks

BSNL the government agency is in services for a long time and it had a monopoly in the telecommunication services for a longer time. But today it offers limited services and is not capable of handling the new technologies relating to 4G mobile services. The government is planning to expand BSNL services but on a contractual basis and it will take a long time before BSNL could offer the 4G and 5G internet solutions. Even Vodafone service has limited its operations in India. According to recent reports, Vodafone is struggling to survive. The company is waiting for some business relaxations from the Indian government relating to 4G technology and mobile spectrum.

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Jio and Airtel 4G networks


The two major network companies that are running successfully and offering all types of mobile solutions to mobile users across all regions are Jio and Airtel networks. Jio network has also helped in reducing the charges of mobile services, data-packs, and internet services in recent times. Because of the huge competition among the network providers, the call-rates of telephone & mobiles and also the prices of various data-packs have come down offering low-cost services.  Also, it provides complete safety and security measures that make it the most competent network.

Jio network has increased widely in a short span. Because of the increasing demands from the customers all over the places, it’s challenging for the operators to deal with increasing demands. Jio network offers one of the better services with 4G availability which is about 97% and still growing. The Airtel network too is growing by 10 percent and has already crossed 85% in some areas.  Jio has become one of the most successful mobile services as it continues to grow.  It has recorded the highest national score and displays impressive growth across the region.

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Bharti Airtel service is one of the global telecommunication companies offering its services across the country. It is one of the largest mobile networks offering the most reliable and high-quality services. There are about 450 million subscribers using 4G Airtel services. Airtel is providing several enterprising mobile and internet services along with the latest video-conferencing technology. Various video conferencing tools can be introduced as Airtel is planning to focus on video apps companies.

Airtel network has served the people with excellent 4G mobile services, internet-related options at suitable charges. The company has won several awards in the past and always keeps improving the after-sales and customer care services. The Platinum mobile customer preferences allow the customers to have all the latest services available at an affordable price.

Last words:

Airtel offers a 4G download speed of 3Mbps which is faster than other networks. Vodafone 4G scores are higher than Jio. But Jio has managed to offers all other functionalities and the services which are a bigger advantage. But with the help of changing government policies, the network will improve and offer even better services to mobile users at pocket-friendly prices.

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