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Is It Worth Buying A Smart TV Below 10000?

by Nitin Sinha
A Smart Tv Below 10000

Many young professionals and people on a strict budget find themselves wondering if it is worth buying a smart tv below 10,000 INR. There are a few myths that need to be busted here.

1. Features
People fear losing out on features if they go for a smaller and perhaps cheaper smart TV. But one thing to pay attention to is that smart TVs are still smart TVs despite the price range they come with. Instead of showing 10 apps may be a cheaper smart TV will show only 6 apps, but it will still serve the basic function of showing you your av apps.

2. Low connectivity
A cheaper smart TV doesn’t necessarily mean a badly functioning smart TV. If you have access to Wifi and connectivity, the cheaper smart TV will still serve the same function as a bigger one – plugin and watch your fav shows, movies or games.

3. Build
There is this idea out there that smaller smart TVs are heavier than the big sleek designs. This is a myth as well. There are several smart TVs n best price available out there that are slender and sleek just like big inch smart TVs and won’t cost you a thing over your budget.

4. Video gaming
As opposed to the popular myth that small smart TVs don’t allow for the best video gaming experience, it is often the small TVs that are easily portable everywhere and will allow the gamer plenty of options to access good games anywhere they go. If you position your small smart TV in the right place and angle in your room, nothing should beat your gaming experience on a cheaper smart TV.

To conclude, it can be safely said that yes it is worth buying a smart TV under 10,000 INR if you are looking for a simple smart TV that performs well and opens up a world of entertainment to you. Do check the warranty and other terms before buying and you should be good to make the purchase.


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